WMSC Premier Tryouts


Tryout registration is now open for WMSC's Fall2016/Spring2017 Premier teams. Last fall WMSC launched its Premier program for teams identified as our most competitive. WMSC Premier teams compete against some of the best teams in NJ and nearby states while playing in elite leagues such as JAGS, MAPS and EDP, in multiple local and regional tournaments, and in the State Cup and New Jersey Cup competitions. The Premier program simultaneously provides parents with a cost-effective and schedule-effective alternative to other, higher priced, programs in our area. 

Tryout Details for Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Premier teams:


*  Tryouts will be conducted based on birth year as per the new US Soccer mandate. Players are encouraged to attend their birth year tryout and have the option to try out for the team one year older if desired.

*  The age groups for which Premier tryouts will be conducted were determined based on each team's current competitive level.  If you do not see a tryout schedule for your player's birth year then we have determined that we will be unable to form a Premier team at that age group.

*  Premier teams will not be formed simply because we have enough interested players in a particular age/gender group. Rather, a Premier team will only be formed for a given age/gender group if tryout results indicate a sufficient number of Premier-level players are available for that age/gender group. If an insufficient number of Premier level players are identified, the Premier team will not be formed. If your player is not assigned to a Premier team she/he will need to attend Travel tryouts in order to be evaluated for one of our Travel teams.

*  Tryouts will be conducted APRIL 18 and APRIL 21 for girls teams and APRIL 25 and April 28 for boys teams.  

* We anticipate conducting two tryout sessions for each age/gender group. However, based on turnout size and makeup, it may be necessary to conduct only one tryout session for a given group. It is therefore critical that all interested players attend at least the first scheduled tryout session for each group for which they are trying out.


Premier tryouts will be conducted as below for the indicated age/gender groups at Ralston Fields in Mendham:


Girls -- April 18 & 21

Girls born 2007 4:30-5:30
Girls born 2006 5:45-6:45 
Girls born 2005 4:30-5:30 
Girls born 2004 7:00-8:00 
Girls born 2003 5:45-6:45 
Girls born 2002 7:00-8:00 (Fall/Spring team) 
Girls born 2002 7:00-8:00 (Spring-Only team)
Boys -- April 25 & 28

Boys  born  2007 4:30-5:30
Boys  born  2005 4:30-5:30
Boys  born  2004 5:45-6:4


Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes early to check-in, warm up and receive your tryout number (be sure to take a picture of your number because results will be posted by tryout number not name).


Important Changes to the WMSC Premier Program:


For the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 soccer year we plan to offer more training hours per week for our pre-Middle School-aged teams, which will align us closely with what our competition is offering -- we refer to this as our Standard Premier Program (see below for details). In recognition of the additional sports and activities picked up at the Middle School and High School ages, we will offer teams the option of using the value of the additional training hours for other activities (for example, an additional tournament beyond the two already included).  Our Premier program pricing will also now be more inclusive, greatly decreasing (perhaps eliminating) the out-of-pocket costs that parents now typically pay for our Premier team activities.


The Premier program fee is still under review, but will be announced shortly. We anticipate the program will cost $250-$300 more per year ($125-150 per season) than the current fee for our Travel program.  We will also offer Premier players the opportunity to have payment broken out into three installments instead of the current two. Again, it is important to point out that the WMSC Premier program fee is less than half what is charged by our main competitors in the elite soccer community.


Standard Premier Program Details for Fall 2016/Spring 2017:


*  10 weeks of professional training with two 90-minute training sessions per week

*  One additional 90-minute training session per week for 8 weeks, for a total of three sessions per week for 8 weeks

*  8-10 league games in either JAGS, MAPS or EDP

*  State Cup entry fee and training fee in the fall season

*  New Jersey Cup entry fee and training in the spring season

*  One tournament, including trainer fee, covered for the fall season

*  One tournament, including trainer fee, covered for the spring season

*  Optional participation in the WMSC Summer and Winter Academies at additional cost