Fall REC Welcome Email | West Morris Soccer Club

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Dear 2018 Fall REC Participants,

Welcome to the start of a new season....Lots of information, please read in its entirety.  


Registration for Rec Soccer is open June 15th - August 17th. Early Bird Discounts are available through July 15th.


TEAM NAME field details and online schedule access will be available late August (instructions how to access below).


Sessions begin the week of Sept 3.  1st - 8th graders will begin on the day of the week their practice is scheduled, Kindergarten players and all first games are Saturday, Sept 8.  For example, if your child practices on Tuesdays, their first day of soccer will be Sept 4; Thursdays, Sept 6.  The last session will be on October 27th. 


CLEATS and SHIN GUARDS are required for ALL age groups, including kindergarten.  For safety reasons, NO child will be allowed to play without shin guards.

NO JEWELRY of any kind - this includes starter earrings and taping of earrings.  Your child must remove all jewelry before playing.


SPECTATOR ETIQUETTE  This is REC soccer.  The primary purpose is for all children to have fun and develop/sustain a love of the game.  These are kids learning, developing, enjoying -- they are not professional players.  

Additionally, our referees are our high school kids who have completed our training program and are also learning and developing.  No one is to yell at any referee, ever.   

ALL spectators must keep this in mind.  While we love spectators who support and encourage their children, the only coaching that is done on the fields is by our Cheshire trainers from the player sidelines.  Cheshire Trainers are our 'ONE VOICE' on the fields.  Parents and others ARE NOT to coach/shout instruction from the spectator sides.  Just let your child play and encourage them.  When the game is over, tell your child how much you 'love to watch them play'.  While we don't enjoy doing so, for the sake of the children, anyone who attempts to coach from the spectator sidelines may be asked to leave the fields.

Note, spectators may not sit on the same side of the field as the players and Cheshire trainer, but rather must be on the opposite side of the field, on the outer side of all fields.  Please pay attention when two fields are next to each other that you are not on the same side as any team, even teams from another field. 

A great must-read article that puts it all into perspective:


Pets are not permitted to be near the games and must be away from the white lines.  Please check the rules for any field, several fields do not permit pets at all.


TEAM INFORMATION:  Team name information can be found under Family Schedule.  (Instructions further below).  A reminder that all children of the same gender and age group practice AND play at the same time every week.  Check your game and practice schedule for field number assignment.  KNOW YOUR TEAM NAME AND FIELD NUMBER BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE FIELDS.


PARKING LOT - Be patient and drive slowly.  PLEASE, for the safety of our children.  Lots of cars trying to get in and out all day.  DO NOT exit the fields over the grassy area.  Use the gravel driveway ONLY.


GARBAGE - Leave the fields cleaner than when you arrived.  No one wants to go out Sunday morning to pick up trash from the fields, Town will call us on this.


WATER and CLOTHING:  Remember to send your child with plenty of fluids.  Additionally, Black River is generally ALWAYS colder than anywhere else in Mendham or Chester.  It's nicknamed 'Black Shiver' for a reason. As the season progresses, be sure to dress your child (and all spectators) in layers. 


LABOR DAY PARADE – Monday, Sept 3.  Meet at the Mendham Post Office on Rt 24 at 9:30 to march with fellow WMSC families.  The parade begins at 10am and ends at the gazebo on Mountain Ave.  Bring candy to toss to spectators.  This is a family affair, no drop-offs, please.  Wear your WMSC jersey or blue/red colors.


UNIFORMS - Bring BOTH red and blue jerseys every week -  Please be sure to send your player with BOTH red and blue jerseys EVERY SaturdayIf you registered late and do not have a uniform for the start of the season, bring both a navy and red shirt with you to Saturday's game. Navy shorts and red soccer socks are also preferred.  

At the time of registration, you will be asked if a new uniform is needed.  A link will then be sent to you from soccer.com to order the uniform.  If you would like to have a used uniform, you are welcome to look on the West Morris Sports Exchange Facebook page. Frequently, families post gently used uniforms for sale.  


FIELDS – Your child's personal schedule will have field numbers associated with practices and games (this is how you will know where exactly to go once at Black River fields.)  FIELD NUMBER SIGNS will be attached to goals at both ends of each field.  Numbering starts with 1, 2 and 3 closer to North Road and numbers increasing as you head back.


Kindergarten/1st Grade fields – Saturday sessions are NOT numbered at the fields, but online are designated as Field 7 and/or 8.  These fields are found at the very back of Black River Right, by the tree-lined area.  Do NOT park in the circle at the end of the drive, Township will ticket and tow cars.  1st grade practices will be held on the numbered fields towards the front of BR.


TEAM NAMES – Will be found on signs at each field.  Know your field number and team name for every practice and game.  Cannot stress this enough.  Each child/parent is responsible for knowing which field their child belongs on and the team name.  For the sake of all of our volunteers and trainers, please know this information ahead of time.  Note that Team Names represent our generous sponsors who have contributed to our program.




Click here for the Game and Practice Posted Here. 

ROSTER INFORMATION – Roster Information will be available in late August.  At that time you can find your child's team assignment using the information below.


Click on this video tutorial on how to access the information.


The video is also found on our home page.

In case the video doesn’t work for you, here are written directions on how to access:


(1)  Log onto your WMSC account and click on “My Account” found at top right of the screen or "Edit My Account" at left of screen.


(2)  This should direct you to a screen that shows all of your family members.  At the bottom of the list, there is a button for "Family Schedule”. 


From there you should be able to see your child’s team assignment as well as detailed practice and game schedules with field numbers.  


(3) Roster information can be found under ‘Team Central’, then ‘Choose a Team’, ‘2018 Fall REC Boys OR 2018 Fall REC Girls’.  Find your age group, then team name.  Back under ‘Team Central’ then ‘Roster’.


Refer to video tutorial for more information.


WEATHER CANCELLATIONS  In case of inclement weather, please refer to our homepage for field status information.  Since there are no make-up sessions, we try to play through most conditions, but obviously won't when there is thunder/lightning.  We endeavor to provide as much advanced notice as possible via text/email if we do have to cancel, but since we don't control the weather, sometimes those decisions are made on the fields.  


Look forward to seeing all on Monday, Sept 3 at the Parade and then on the fields during the week!!