WMSC 2016 / 2017 Travel Tryouts

Tryouts for players wishing to participate in WMSC’s Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Travel Soccer Program will be held the week of May 2, 2016. A detailed schedule is below. 



Age/Gender                            Day/Date                      Time
U8 Boys & Girls                      May 6                            4:30-5:30pm
U9 Boys & Girls                      May 2/May 4                 4:30-5:45pm
U10 Boys & Girls                    May 3/May 5                 4:30-5:45pm
U11 Boys & Girls                    May 3/May 5                  5:45-7:00pm
U12 Boys & Girls                    May 3/May 5                 7:00-8:15pm
U13 Boys & Girls                    May 2/May 4                 5:45-7:00pm
U14 Boys & Girls                    May 2/May 4                 7:00-8:15pm
U15 Boys & Girls (Fall&Spring)         May 6                 5:30-6:45pm             
U15-U18 Boys & Girls (Spring-only)  May 6                 5:30-6:45pm


  • Register online PRIOR to tryouts -- be sure to register for the age group in which your child will be competing NEXT year. Please do not delay in registering, as this year is much more complicated for our volunteers to organize than in the past due to US Soccer's birth-year mandate.

  • Tryouts will be based on US Soccer's birth-year mandate, but players will have the option to try out for the age group one year older than their birth-year group. We have included below the relevant birth-year (BY) for each "U" designation for ease of reference. 

  • Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes early to check-in, warm up and receive your tryout number (be sure to take a picture of your number because results will be posted by tryout number not name).

  • All tryouts will be at Chubb Fields in Chester and will be run by our professional training organization, Cheshire Soccer.

  • Please note: The U8 and spring-only age groups (U15/16 and U17/18) will have only one regular tryout session. Any U8 or spring-only players who cannot make this regular session may attend the makeup session on Saturday, May 79:30-11:00AM, at Chubb Fields. 

  • For the first time, we will be conducting tryouts for U15 teams that will compete in BOTH fall and spring seasons. This is to accommodate BY2002 players who are still in middle school.

  • The traditional league for our U8 teams, MCYSA, has indicated they may not be supporting U8 games next year due to the US Soccer changes for U8 soccer (4v4 games, smaller fields and goals, no goalkeeper). If this proves to be the case, WMSC will continue to offer U8 practices and plans to coordinate with nearby clubs to offer "festival" style 4v4 games on Sundays.



For ages that have two tryout dates, it is not necessary to attend both sessions but it is strongly recommended so that more accurate evaluations can be done.

Age/Gender/Birth Year                           
U8 Boys & Girls (BY2009)                     
U9 Boys & Girls (BY2008 & 2009)                     
U10 Boys & Girls (BY2007 & 2008)                  
U11 Boys & Girls (BY2006 & 2007)                   
U12 Boys & Girls (BY2005 & 2006)                   
U13 Boys & Girls (BY2004 & 2005)                    
U14 Boys & Girls (BY2003 & 2004)                    
U15 Boys & Girls - Fall AND Spring team (BY2002 & 2003)


U15/16 Boys & Girls - Spring-only (BY2001 & 2002 & 2003)


U17/18 Boys & Girls - Spring-only (BY1999 & 2000 & 2001)


Inclement Weather Date(s): any tryout sessions canceled due to inclement weather will be held the following week (week ofMay 16) on same weekday and at same time as originally scheduled session.


WMSC's Travel Program Includes: 

         U8-U15 teams (fall and spring soccer):             

  • U8: 10-week fall-only "academy-style" program with competitive "festival-style" 4v4 games, with option for player/team to continue in spring
  • U9-U15: requires players to commit to a 10-week fall and 10-week spring season
  • Three 90 minute sessions/week (2 practices & 1 game) led by professional trainer assigned to team (U8 format may differ)
  • Optional twice-weekly goalkeeper training sessions with specialized professional trainer
  • Prior season evaluations and spring tryout results used to determine new teams
  • Registration/affiliation with MCYSA, JAGS, or MAPs youth soccer leagues
  • WMSC reimburses one tournament registration fee per team per soccer year

              U15-U18 teams (spring-only soccer): 

  • Requires player commitment to a 10-week spring season
  • One or two 90 minute practice sessions/week (depending on team decision) led by assigned professional trainer
  • Optional twice weekly goalkeeper training sessions with specialized professional trainer
  • One game or tournament per week (could vary depending on league chosen)
  • Affiliation with MCYSA, JAGS, or MAPS leagues, determined after teams are formed based on each team’s level of play and preferences
  • 2-4 tournaments may be played during the season. Costs of tournaments are NOT included in spring season fee, however, WMSC will reimburse for ONE tournament registration fee, as per club policy. 


More information on WMSC’s Travel Soccer Program and tryout process is available on our website under the “Travel” tab. Please contact our VP of Travel, Tim Palmer, at  , with any additional questions.