Welcome to West Morris Soccer Club

The mission of the West Morris Soccer Club is to advance the development of local youth through active participation in the sport of soccer. We endeavor to provide an array of soccer programs ranging from introductory play to highly competitive teams. We believe that appropriately scaled competition fosters growth physically, mentally and socially.

West Morris Soccer Club actively supports a culture of sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork. The Club also believes that youth involvement in athletics is an important means of character development. We endorse participation at all levels, believing that positive parental and coach involvement develops lifelong participation in athletics. Our volunteers strive to both maintain and develop the Club’s role as a pillar and ambassador of the local community.

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Thank You to our Sponsor of the Week
Purchase Player/Coach/Fan gear today!
FREE Goalkeeper Training
Goalkeeper Training      In recognition...
Thank You to our Sponsor of the Week

by posted 09/26/2016
Purchase Player/Coach/Fan gear today!


by posted 09/23/2016
FREE Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training 



In recognition of the special role and unique training needs of our goalkeepers, WMSC Travel will once again offer free goalkeeper training sessions this season.  Goalkeeper training is available for any WMSC Travel or Premier player (U9 thru U14) who wishes to develop his or her goalkeeping skills.  There is no additional charge for these sessions, which will be held at Chubb Field in Chester on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm
No RSVP is necessary.  Players may attend as it suits their schedule and training objectives.
The first session will be this Tuesday, 8/30


by posted 08/29/2016
Field Status
Black River Back - Chester TBD (9/29) 
Black River Front - Chester TBD (9/29) 
Black River Right - Chester TBD (9/29) 
Brookside - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Chubb Lower - Chester TBD (9/29) 
Chubb Middle - Chester TBD (9/29) 
Chubb Upper - Chester TBD (9/29) 
Franklin - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Highland Ridge - Chester TBD (9/29) 
India Brook - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Kozak 1 - Randolph TBD (9/29) 
Kozak 2 - Randolph TBD (9/29) 
Mendham Twp Elementary - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Mendham Twp Middle - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Mosle 1 - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Mosle 2 - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Mosle 3 - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Mosle 4 - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Mountain View - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Ralston 1 - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Ralston 2 - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Ralston Lower - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Ralston Upper - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
West Field Middle - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
West Field Upper - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
West Lower Back - Mendham TBD (9/29) 
Wysong Park - Mendham TBD (9/29)